Monday, February 17, 2014

Foto | (Predominantly Revlon) "Drugstore" Haul

I found this haul too small to actually vlog about so here's a short post relative to the 8 minutes it would take for me to talk/ramble about it in a video.

I realized I have a lot of Revlon products, but then again who doesn't? Right? Right?

On a random note, I'm never comfortable with calling most (Shawill etc. is dirt cheap) of the things I buy from SM (or Watsons or wherever) drugstore, because drugstore implies cheap and that's definitely note the case when a single Revlon Matte Balm costs about 13 dollars here when in America you can add one more dollar and get two matte balms or add two more dollars and just get yo'self a MAC lipstick

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Blush Brush
Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights in Bare Light and Bronze Light (Unfortunately unavailable locally)
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry and Shameless
Not included above : Elf geometric eyeshadow palette, Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation, Jack Black lip balm

This post feels very british with it's single image hahahaha


  1. ugh I need to get those matte balms soon <3 drugstore brands from the US here aren't as cheap nga, mas cheaper if you buy them online like on ebay ph

  2. Been wanting to pick up those Revlon balms for the longest but every time I go and swatch, I never feel like leaving the store with it :( I much prefer the Lacquer balms but the one I like is always out of stock! :| Cant wait to see your posts on the Revlon balms though as the shades are so bright and summery!! Also, Real Techniques brushes are absolute LOVE. :) I never feel the itch to buy expensive ones because I feel RT brushes do what they need to do without the heavy price tag!

  3. You've been nominated :)