Saturday, June 7

Good game, Gone Girl | A non-review

I never planned on picking this up, but I was at Costco when I happened upon it in an abandoned cart (at least I hope it was abandoned), checked to see if they had a better copy (who wants the abandoned copy a lot of people probably touched? my germaphobe is peeking through, sorry) saw that it was the last copy, felt panic set in and then all of a sudden I had to have it (you know how it is) but I am so happy I did pick it up, and now I'm starting Dark Places.

Thursday, May 15

Wear & Tear #3 + updates | New York 2014

So I should probably explain my absence (lol not really, I don't owe you anything /sassysnaps), but I've been traveling around America this past month. (Also, since the last time I've posted, I've cut and dyed my hair, changed my eyebrow shape countless times (not to mention my eyebrow routine blahdiblah)

Monday, February 17

Foto | (Predominantly Revlon) "Drugstore" Haul

I found this haul too small to actually vlog about so here's a short post relative to the 8 minutes it would take for me to talk/ramble about it in a video.

Tuesday, January 21

Make it MATTEr with Sleek's Matte Me in Fandango Purple

So this is only one of the stops in my purple phase, I just want to say that my phase started even before Pantone decided on this year's color, haha damn that sounded very hipster, but whatevs.