Monday, February 17, 2014

Foto | (Predominantly Revlon) "Drugstore" Haul

I found this haul too small to actually vlog about so here's a short post relative to the 8 minutes it would take for me to talk/ramble about it in a video.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Make it MATTEr with Sleek's Matte Me in Fandango Purple

So this is only one of the stops in my purple phase, I just want to say that my phase started even before Pantone decided on this year's color, haha damn that sounded very hipster, but whatevs.

Friday, October 11, 2013

OOTD | True Blue

Despite the fact lol not rly that everyone and their moms have this skort and that I already have it in blue, I like it enough to justify buying it just because it's in a different material.

I wore this when my cousin's now fiancee asked her parents' for her hand, but I switched up the shoes and I added the cap to make it more casual.

I just love this skirt, urghhh. I will wear it with heels, I will wear it with runners, I will wear it with boots. So friends, get ready to get sick of this piece.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Singapore 2012

So I thought, that instead of doing an 'About Me / Intro' post ignore the fact that there's an actual about me page I'll just have these types of posts periodically wherein I just post about my life. Yep that's right, vain posts. I don't care, it's mah blawg haha.

So this particular post revolves around a trip I took with my friends to Singapore last year, with the help of my friends yes, I have friends I was well documented haha

Battle of the Drugstore SPFs | A Mini Comparison Review

 So my quest for the perfect sunblock / sunscreen (Yep, there's a difference) started late last year when I found out that the sun is the biggest factor in aging. Nowadays, I feel really horrible when I forget to put SPF on. *shakes fist towards the sky* (Here's an amazing SPF Cheat Sheet by none other than the skin queen)

So the cheap person I am, I gravitated towards the drugstore to find my perfect SPF. Honestly, I'm still searching, but there are a lot of good enough formulas out there.

Hopefully this mini comparison helps you choose which one will work out for you because you are never too young to start wearing SPF everyday. I know I wish I started earlier ha (Sometimes I force SPF on my sister. If you're familiar with Vine and know what smack cams are, that's what I do, except gentler and with SPF, she hates me for it hahahaha)

Also, all of these are locally available, I hate it when I get super excited about a review only to find out I can't get my hands on it the products being reviewed jasddbhadsjkdhah, but I still love reading them anyways. just in case my drug dealers abroad (aka my relatives) are feeling generous